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Who We Look For

A company that draws the infinite possibilities of individuals and makes dreams come true.

  • Faithful to the basics

    People who are faithful to the basics.

    All progress and innovation start off with being faithful to the basics. It is said that a tree with deep roots does not fall in the wind. Just as fresh and tempting fruits grow on strong roots, a person who is faithful to the basics can grow in any environment.
  • Right Values

    Persons with the right values

    A true talent is a person who knows how to contribute to the organization and society through self-sacrifice and service with the right values, and who does one’s best to achieve corporate goals with honesty and trust.
  • Creativity

    People who challenge creatively

    We need people who constantly strive for self-development with an enterprising spirit, who leads change, and who always accept and create new things to bring vitality and freshness to organizations and society. Unlimited opportunities to challenge is laid out in front of us.