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Company Overview

BH EVS is a professional electrical company in engineering and
manufacturing automotive components.

On October 5, 2022 BH EVS was incorporated with the automotive business after acquiring a mobile wireless charger unit for vehicles from LG Electronics.

The wireless charger business for vehicles was started at LGE VS (Vehicle component Solutions) division in 2012.
After securing Honda business in 2014, it accomplished GM’s 10 million award milestone in 2015,
and dozens of global automakers have become customers since 2017. Through sustaining continuous growth,
the top share was achieved in the global wireless charger markets in 2019.
The global leader position has been strongly maintained since then with outstanding technologies.

BH EVS Engineers have joined and engaged in WPC (Wireless Power Consortium), the international standards organization, since 2010.
Since being elected to WPC CTO in 2014, they have been maintaining the technology leadership of the wireless charging standards
as WPC BoD (Board of Directors) and Chairmen. Through endless research and development,
BH EVS technology including standards activities is being naturally led to customer reliability and new business accomplishment.

In addition to the main wireless chargers, BH EVS is enlarging businesses with diverse automotive wireless charging solutions,
medium power charging solutions, and wireless communications like NFC (Near Field Communication) necessarily in tech-convergence
with wireless charging. Recently in line with electric vehicle market growing, EV battery solutions are being prepared to be introduced into the market.

BH EVS as a professional automotive solution provider will stand firmly in a global market with the top-notch technologies and will meet customer requirements swiftly.

BH EVS all employees will do their best to come close to customers with the world-class qualities and innovative services under the values of the company’s
“Customer in Priority”, “Pursuing Technology Innovation”, “Nurturing Talents into Experts through Education and Training”.

Principles of Ethical Management
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    A company that puts customer in priority

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    A company that pursues technological innovation

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    Nurturing Talents into Experts through Education and Training

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