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Technical Center Introduction

Enhancing user experience with core technologies accumulated over 10 years and leadership in global standards.

Providing total wireless power solution with proprietary core technology

BH EVS obtains core technologies and original design capabilities in wireless power transfer and charging in use of magnetic coupling, magnetic resonance, RF, and even lasers.
Based off this, BH EVS provides customized solutions that fulfill various requirements from global customers.

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Contribution to Global Standardization and Patents Strategy to make our technology more perfect.

BH EVS complies with Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) standards to guarantee impeccable compatibility with diverse manufacturers and is actively doing to apply its solutions to WPC.
And the company ensures the leadership at the international standards by serving as a member of Board of Directors (BoD) of WPC.

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Innovation for the better world.

Mobile wireless chargers in vehicle are BH EVS’s the first step for more convenient world.
We keep researching and developing innovative applications to provide customers with more convenience.

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